Local SEO Specialist in Cebu Philippines

SEO Audit For just $95

We will conduct a full website audit of your website to identify strengths and areas for improvement that impact your visibility in search results.


We Analyze Different Areas of your Website


We evaluate how well your website is organized and whether it offers easy navigation for both users and search engines.


We assess the relevance, quality, and uniqueness of your site's content.


We will analyze the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

Benefits of an SEO Audit

Insightful Analysis

Gain a deep understanding of your site’s current status and the most critical improvements needed.

Enhanced Rankings

Implementing recommendations from the audit can lead to better search engine rankings.

Increased Traffic

Higher rankings can drive more traffic to your site, which may lead to increased customer engagement and sales.

Enhances User Experience

The audit can reveal ways to make your site easier to use, which keeps visitors happy and more likely to return.

Updates Strategy

It shows you new opportunities and trends, helping you update your content and keywords.

Technical Health

It checks the technical setup of your site, ensuring it’s built in a way that search engines can understand.

Want to Improve Your Website?

Get a detailed SEO audit. See what needs to change to perform better.