Local SEO Specialist in Cebu Philippines

Top Local SEO Agencies in Talisay, Cebu, Philippines


This guide lists the top local SEO Agencies and SEO Specialists in Talisay, Cebu, Philippines. SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your business become more visible online when people search for it.

We provide important details such as the services they offer, how to contact them, their websites, and their hours of operation. This information can assist you in finding the right SEO partner to enhance your online presence.

Here is the list:

1. WowVisible - Digital Marketing Agency

They help businesses show up online, especially on social media and search results. They work on making content that attracts people and makes your website easier to find.

2. Search Engine Hub

This agency works on getting your website to the top of search engine results. They look into the best keywords to use and how to make your website more appealing to search engines and provide value to your local customers.

3. Elocker Technologies

Besides helping with your website’s look and how it works on phones, they offer advice on technology choices for your business. They can help you set up the tech part of your business in a way that supports being found online.

4. SEO Kunsult

They focus on consulting to help you understand SEO better and apply it to your business. They aim to improve your website’s rank and visibility online through strategic advice and SEO practices.

5. Open Technologies Software

Offers software development that is SEO-friendly, meaning they build software that can help improve your visibility online. They integrate digital marketing strategies into their software solutions.

  • Contact Number: 032 910 8449
  • Website URL: No website available
  • Opening Hours: No opening hours available

6. Author Advertising Services

Focuses on creating ads and content that people want to read and share. They use SEO to make sure this content shows up in searches, helping more people find your business

  • Contact Number: Not provided
  • Website URL: Not provided
  • Opening Hours: Not provided


Specializes in SEO strategies tailored to your business needs. They work on getting more people to visit your site through search engines without paying for ads.

8. Web Builder PH

They build websites that not only look good but are also optimized for search engines. They focus on making sure your site is easy to find for people looking for your services.

  • Contact Number0999 365 6737
  • Website URL: No website available
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

9. Copy and Tech Services

Specializes in writing and technical services that help your website rank better in search results. They focus on creating content that’s useful and interesting, helping attract more visitors to your site.

10. RY4 Inc Digital Marketing Agency

Offers a wide range of digital marketing services including making your site more visible online, creating ads that get clicks, and using social media to talk to customers and get more people to visit your site.

  • Contact Number: 0916 429 1994
  • Website URL: No website available
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 8am – 5pm

11. Webquisites Digital Agency

They offer digital marketing solutions like making your website better for search engines and designing it to be more user-friendly. They help with creating a strategy to make your online presence stronger.

  • Contact Number: 0977 004 2043
  • Website URL: No website available
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm, Sunday 8am – 5pm

12. Desk Access Advertising and Freelance Services

Provides advertising and marketing services with a focus on SEO to improve visibility. They offer flexible services suited to freelancers and small businesses looking to grow online.

13. EvolveDigital Social Media Consultancy Services

They specialize in using social media to help your business get noticed. They combine this with SEO techniques to increase your overall online presence and reach more customers.

14. DigitalQS Media

Focuses on digital media strategies that include SEO, creating content that people want to engage with, and managing your presence on social media to help grow your brand online.

  • Contact Number: +1 844 241 0832
  • Website URL: No website available
  • Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 24hrs

How to Pick the Right SEO Specialist

  • Go for agencies known for their good work in local SEO. They should have clear examples of how they’ve helped businesses like yours rank better in search results.
  • Look at what other companies say about them. Positive feedback from past clients can tell you a lot about what to expect.
  • Every business is different. Your SEO agency should offer services that fit exactly what your business needs, not just a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Make sure they can give you reports that are easy to understand. These reports should show what’s been done and how it’s helping your business. This way, you can see the value they bring to your business.


Finding the right local SEO Agencies and SEO Specialists in Talisay, Cebu, can significantly affect your business’s visibility and success. Consider each agency’s services, reputation, and approach to ensure a good fit for your specific needs.

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1 Month SEO Plan

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3 Month SEO Plan

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6 Month SEO Plan

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